NEW CD and Songbook, “When I Remember”

Kevin’s new CD and Songbook are finally here!

When I Remember cover 600x600When I Remember is a solo piano collection which celebrates a lifelong bond between a composer and his beloved instrument.  Here, Kevin Kern pays tribute to the rich musical traditions and stylistic influences that continue to inspire his unique creativity and signature sound.  The pieces range form the classically inspired “Chopin’s Touch” and “We Should Waltz”, to the jazz-inflected “A Walk in the Sun” and the playful “Rise and Shine”.

Release Date is September 9, 2016.

The CD is available for Pre-Sale in Kevin’s Store.  Order now and save 20% off the list price.  Offer expires September 30, 2016.

When-I-Remember-songbook-FRONT-cover_webThis songbook is the ideal complement to Kevin’s most recent CD, When I Remember. As with all of Kevin’s sheet music collections, each performance has been transcribed from the recording as faithfully as possible by Kevin himself, in the hope that pianists among his fans will enjoy playing these pieces every bit as much as he enjoyed composing them. He also includes suggestions designed to help the player get a more expressive sound when playing these pieces.

This book is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for the special pianist in your life.

Release Date is September 20, 2016.

The When I Remember Songbook is available for Pre-Sale in the Store.  Order now and save 20% off the list price.  Offer expires September 30, 2016.