Endless Blue Sky by Kevin Kern, cd and cover.
Endless Blue Sky by Kevin Kern, cd cover.

Endless Blue Sky

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Kevin's love of cinematic writing, his strong classical roots and deep appreciation for the work of the great songwriters inspired the creation of these melodies.  It’s the act of composing and playing his own music for his fans that brings him the greatest joy.

Endless Blue Sky is Kevin Kern’s first recording in more than three years and his ninth release to date. One of the most stylistically consistent artists out there, Kern continues his tradition of albums that overflow with warmth and optimism. In such globally troubled times, I find it amazing to hear music of such peace and calm and wonder if Kern is truly such an optimist or if he finds his own refuge in creating music of blissful contentment. (I’ll have to ask him in our upcoming interview!) In any event, sitting down with “Endless Blue Sky” is truly a spa for the mind and soul. In addition to Kern on piano and synthesizers, Dean Magraw appears on guitar, Jill Olson on violin, Rebecca Arons on cello, and Gordon Johnson on acoustic and electric bass. As always, the piano sound is stellar (Kevin Kern is a Steinway Artist) and the music creates a warm, enveloping atmosphere of tranquility." ~ Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano

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