In the Enchanted Garden by Kevin Kern, cd and cover.
In the Enchanted Garden by Kevin Kern, cd cover

In the Enchanted Garden

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Graceful, articulate piano songs, suffused with heart. These intimate, poetic melodies unfold tenderly, thoughtfully… some with a light layer of strings and touch of acoustic guitar, others speaking directly, without embellishment. Pure, beautiful, emotionally rich piano in a very special debut album.

“The innocence of childhood, the art of being carefree, the peace of being alone or with another human being — all of these can be heard in the music. It is a musical hideaway, a secret bower where no trouble can enter. That is what I experience with In The Enchanted Garden. This is piano music in the most simple and sincere form. Sincerity is what you hear when you listen to Kevin Kern.” ~ reviewer

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