black and white photograph of orchestra during rehearsal for Kevin Kern concert


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After the Rain
Sundial Dreams
A Gentle Whisper
Return to Love
Blossom on the Wind
We Should Waltz
The Winding Path
Chance Encounter
Childhood Remembered
Through the Arbor
Dreaming of Home
Safe in Your Embrace
Le Jardin
In My Life
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REST by Kevin Kern

A playlist created by Kevin with songs fans have said helped them to 'quiet their minds' and simply rest. Sweet Dreams!

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The Complete Collection

Enjoy all of Kevin Kern's music in one playlist. Solo piano, soft strings, guitar, all meant to help you unwind and relax. Over 9 hours of music.

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Close up image of Kevin's hands on the piano, sheet music in the background with the words,

PLAY by Kevin Kern

A playlist for the piano student, teacher or enthusiast of Kevin's popular sheet music selections. Music transcribed by Kevin himself. Available here or at

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Christmas Presence

Grab a favorite beverage, curl up in a comfortable chair, unwind and enjoy the holidays with some selections from Kevin and a few of his personal holiday favorites.

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