When I Remember Piano Songbook by Kevin Kern. The printed version is spiral bound.
Interior view of the printed spiral bound piano songbook, When I Remember by Kevin Kern.
When I Remember Songbook by Kevin Kern, front cover artwork.
Digital version of the piano songbook, When I Remember by  Kevin Kern. Displayed on a laptop and iPad.
Printed sheet music and digital sheet music displayed on an iPad from the songbook, When I Remember by Kevin Kern.

When I Remember (Songbook and Sheet Music)

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As with all of his sheet music offerings, each performance has been transcribed from the recording as faithfully as possible by Kevin himself, in the hope that pianists among his fans will enjoy playing these pieces every bit as much as he enjoyed composing them. 

All digital sheet music is delivered as PDF files via Digital Download link for you to print or place on your tablet or laptop for viewing.

"...The music itself is not terribly difficult, but most of the pieces would fall into a late-intermediate to early-advanced playing level. Some of the key signatures are complicated, as is some of the timing, but with some practice and attention to detail, the pieces are quite accessible. For those with smaller hands, there are a lot of reaches of more than an octave - quite a few ninths and tenths. Rolling or breaking the chords will solve those issues and there are quite a few places where the opposite hand can reach a difficult note, so keep that in mind as you play the songs. This is an exceptionally nice book and I recommend it!" ~Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

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